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What is surgical vaginal tightenning?

عملية تضييق المهبل دكتور قاسم شهاب

Many women complain of vaginal laxity resulting from stretching the vaginal tissues and separating the muscles that make up the vagina from each other, or losing their elasticity to the point where it is difficult for a woman to use or keep tampons inside the vagina and fall, and as a result, in addition to the negative psychological impact on women;

A defect in sexual function during the practice of intimacy as a result of the absence of excitement (sexual frigidity) and the inability of both parties to enjoy or reach complete satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Vaginal narrowing, also known as vaginoplasty, is among the effective surgical treatment options with satisfactory results for both parties, as the procedure is based on tightening and joining the separate vaginal muscles side by side by strong strings or dissolvable sutures, as well as tightening the muscles extending from the back of the vagina, And remove unwanted skin and tissue for a more aesthetic result.

What are the causes of vaginal muscle expansion and relaxation?

There are a number of reasons that lead women to think and resort to surgery to narrow the vagina, the reasons include all of the following:

  • Age

  • With the arrival of the age of forty or the entry of menopause , a woman begins to notice a change in the elasticity of the vaginal muscles, due to the natural physiological changes that occur in a woman's body with age, including the decline in the level of the hormone estrogen, which plays an important role in maintaining the strength and nature of vaginal tissues. . A low level of estrogen causes all of the following:

  • The vaginal tissues become thin and dry due to the lack of vaginal moisture.

  • Change in the pH and acidity of the vaginal area.

  • The vaginal tissue loses its elasticity, so that it expands without being able to return to its normal position.

Natural childbirth:

It is normal for a woman to change the shape of the vagina after natural childbirth . This is due to the expansion of the vaginal muscles during childbirth, but soon they return to their normal position within several days of birth. Women who have had more than three normal deliveries may lose their vaginal muscles and lose their elasticity and ability to return to normal, causing the vagina to change in shape so that it becomes loose (widened) and more thin.

Pelvic prolapse: Including uterine prolapse, bladder or rectal prolapse, and posterior vaginal wall prolapse. A skilled doctor can perform vaginal narrowing and lactation treatment simultaneously with the same procedure.

How is the process of narrowing the vagina ?

There are many methods and techniques used in narrowing the vagina, which differ in their success rates and lifelong sustainability of results in addition to the material cost, and this includes all of the following:

  • Surgical procedures that rely on making an internal incision in the vagina and tightening the muscles using strong sutures and threads. Surgical vaginal narrowing can be performed using local or general anesthesia and takes about an hour.

  • Non-surgical procedures that are represented by the use of laser or radio waves that tighten the muscles of the vagina by relying on heating (heating) the muscle tissue that makes up the internal vaginal wall and stimulating collagen production to restore and balance the vaginal mucosa.

Which is better to use surgery to narrow the vagina or use a laser?

Certainly, surgery is the best option that we recommend , and fortunately, this option is preferred by most women who have undergone vaginal narrowing; This comes because of the desire of women to see immediate results, while the use of the laser requires performing several sessions, at least three sessions between each session, six weeks apart, in addition to the satisfactory results and sexual satisfaction on both sides during sexual intercourse among women who have adopted the surgical procedure.

Most importantly, the FDA has warned against using energy-based technologies, including lasers, in performing the vaginal narrowing procedure, due to the lack of guarantee of its success and effectiveness in this, and because of the side effects it causes such as skin burns, the appearance of scars, and chronic pain, whether after a session. Laser or during sexual intercourse.

What are the things that should be followed after the operation of narrowing the vagina, tips and instructions?

  • Here are a set of tips and things to help you recover quickly after vaginal narrowing:

  • It is advised to take a rest and stop working for 7-14 days while avoiding heavy lifting or strenuous exercise.

  • Take medications prescribed by the doctor, which include antibiotics to avoid infection, and analgesics to relieve pain, especially during the first days of surgery, as it is normal to feel uncomfortable and have severe pain inside the vagina or lower stomach.

  • Avoid sexual intercourse for 8 weeks after surgery.

  • Avoid using tampons for two months after surgery.

  • Keep the area clean and take care of the wound site.

  • Depending on the size of the narrowing and stretching, your doctor may recommend dilators.

Read more instructions here

What are the risks of vaginal narrowing?

Like other surgeries, complications may occur rarely if the patient adheres to the guidelines recommended by the doctor. Expected risks include infection, bleeding, pain and scarring.

Dr. Qassem Shehab , consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, advanced laparoscopic surgery, urinary incontinence and uterine laparoscopy.


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Dr. Qassem Shehab , consultant of advanced laparoscopic surgery, gynecology and obstetrics. Subspecialty specialization in the treatment of urinary incontinence and gynecological edema

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The recovery time from vaginal narrowing

Usually a few days to do some things, and up to four weeks to return to normal life

What is the process of narrowing the vagina

The vagina for various reasons, including back lashing or intercourse

Is narrowing of the vagina is the patches of the hymen

There is no relationship between the two, as the hymen patch has another dysfunction, and it is most often performed under local anesthesia in the clinic.

Surgical vaginal narrowing

It is the best and safest solution for you compared to any other method

How do I know the success of the process of narrowing the vagina

After the operation, the pain is usually less and it continues to improve. Also, after returning to married life, the situation will be better than it was

Vaginal tightening sutures

Vary according to the target thread

Vaginoplasty surgically

Dr. Qassem Shehab

What are the types of the hymen?

It is most likely that the hymen has a small natural opening for menstrual blood. In some cases, it is necessary to break the hymen to allow blood to escape

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