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Your comprehensive guide to plastic surgery and vaginal tightening

Vaginal laxity results from stretching of the vaginal tissues and the muscles that make up the vagina separating from each other or losing their elasticity
  Dr. Qasim Al-Shehab provides a series of explanations that include all the therapeutic mechanisms used to narrow and beautify the vagina 

The procedure is based on tightening and joining the separated vaginal muscles together with strong sutures or dissolvable sutures, as well as tightening the muscles extending from the back of the vagina

Screenshot (12).png
Screenshot (12).png

Vaginal narrowing can be cosmetic if the patient faces a problem with the shape of her vagina, or it may be reconstructive if the vaginal opening needs to be narrowed as a result of loosening of the vaginal tissues due to repeated vaginal births or advancing age.

Recently, these surgeries have gained great popularity and interest. Where lipofilling provides a natural appearance, improves the quality of existing skin, and works to beautify any previously existing scars.

Screenshot (13).png

After a vaginal delivery, women may suffer from vaginal relaxation resulting from the stretching of its tissues to an extent where tampons may not stay in place, so the best possible treatment must be sought.

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