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Your comprehensive guide to vaginal and uterine prolapses

Uterine prolapse is one of the common problems that occur in women, especially after the age of 50 years, and this condition causes  a kind of stress and many health complications
Dr. Qasim Al-Shehab presents a series of explanations that include everything related to vaginal and uterine prolapses and how to treat them.

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The state of uterine prolapse is called by many names, such as the fall or prolapse of the uterus, or vaginal prolapse, etc. It is a form of displacement of the genital organs from their original position downwards.

Rectal prolapse occurs when the rectum (the last part of the large intestine) gradually slipsIt is removed from its specific place in the pelvis, which leads to its hanging down towards the anus

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With the advancing age of the woman or as a result of the great physical stress of the woman during natural childbirth and other causes that cause weakness and stretching of the muscles and damage to the supporting tissues, causing prolapse of the bladder

Gynecological hysterectomy has a high success rate, so we need to follow all the doctor’s instructions and advice before and after the operation to ensure the highest success rate.

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