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Breast fibrosis and breast tumors are the most common

افضل دكتور نسائية و توليد دكتور قاسم شها

It is a benign lump in the breast tissue of women. A fairly common disease that affects 10% of women, especially their twenties. This constitutes more than 50% of all breast tumors in women.

Causes of breast fibrosis:

The reasons are not completely known, but there is a strong link with sex hormones, and the evidence for this is more than affecting the twenties of women, changing their size and increasing them during the menstrual cycle. Also, most women improved after the age of fifty.


Usually there are no symptoms and is usually detected during the examination

Fibrosis does not lead to the emergence of breast cancer, but sometimes there is difficulty in diagnosing. And also the possibility of the presence of cells

Malicious at the same time

How does the diagnosis begin?

Diagnosis begins with mammograms and ultrasound, and in emergency cases for biopsy. If it is confirmed that the tumor is fibrosis, it is not likely to be surgically removed

Breast tumors are most common in women

There is a disease called adenomyosis of the breast, and its symptoms are three, the most obvious of which are the feeling of pain, ie, "thorn" or "gnawing" and excruciating pain in the breast. These pains may be related to the menstrual cycle, and there may not be any relationship. That is, a woman may feel such pains before menstruation or in the second half of the cycle.

The problem is that these pain may be reflected on the shoulder, especially the north shoulder,

And women can feel it in the hand, which causes panic in the hearts of some women, so they rush to the doctor to reveal them, thinking that they are suffering from a heart disease.

As for the second condition, it is the presence of secretions from the nipple, and these secretions are yellow or yellow-brown in color coming out of the milk ducts.

As for the third condition, it is the presence of breast diseases, and these tumors are different and cannot be felt

Except with fingertips only and not by palm. Whereas, when using the palm, the lump does not appear.

And the case of glandular swelling is one of the common conditions among women, especially those who have passed the menopause, which is the age of 45,

Or among young girls before the onset of menstruation.

And what makes these girls and women frightened is that they think they are benign tumors,

They do not know that non-benign tumors are usually painless, so the absence of pain does not mean that there is no malignant disease.

There are some women who complain of the emergence of a sudden lump between day and night in the breast,

This may be due to glandular fibrosis, which has among its characteristics the formation of cysts in this area of ​​the body, and it is usually painful.

There is no doubt that the examination in this case by x-rays, which is called "mammogram" or "Magrafi"

An ultrasound of the breast is necessary, and adenomyosis of the breast can also be treated with medication.

It is worth noting that malignant breast tumors originate from three places: either from the mammary ducts, the mammary glands, or from the nipple.

The same that produces secretions, and this may cause long-term erosion of the nipple, due to the constant itching "itching" in it.

When resorting to non-specialized doctors, they may diagnose the situation as "Eczema" in the nipple, while the correct diagnosis requires taking a sample of the nipple skin for examination.

It is known scientifically that the nipple has tissue that causes an erection, so if the nipple does not get erect during the doctor's examination,

This may be a warning of a tumor. This is because its function has been disrupted, and this in itself is one of the essential observations during the detection.

Benign breast tumors

It is recognized that most breast lumps are not malignant. Where it was found when examining breast tumors that about 80% of them are benign tumors.

Among the most common of these benign diseases are:

  • Polycystic fibroid: This tumor is a localized disorder in the breast ... It is more common in women between the ages of thirty and fifty years, and this tumor is painless.

This, and statistics confirm that half of the cases of breast tumors of this type.

  • Fibroadenoma:

This tumor is solid, smooth, slow growing, often appears between puberty and twenties, and it is possible for a woman to find more than one tumor in one or both breasts.

  • Lobar tumor:

This tumor occurs in a brown duct next to the nipple ... A woman may notice secretions from the nipple that may sometimes be mixed with blood.

This, and scientists and specialized doctors advise that women should not neglect the tumor or fear it, thinking that it is a malignant disease.

In this regard, we point out that there is a specialty for such tumors called “Oncology”.

When a woman approaches the age of forty, she must present herself to the specialist doctor every six months, in order to protect herself from any possibility of developing any tumors.

It is worth noting that it is rare for women before the age of thirty to develop non-benign tumors in the breast.

There is a set of important recommendations as follows:

If the woman's age is less than thirty-five years, it is useful to stay away from x-rays, unless there is a strong reason necessitating the use of imaging scans.

Likewise, if the age of the woman ranges between thirty-five and forty-nine here, beware of the use of x-rays

In the periodic examination, unless there is a previous history of cancer in the family or relatives, especially the mother and sister.

After the age of fifty, it is useful to use x-rays annually, whether there are symptoms or not.

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