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What is vaginismus? What are the reasons? How do you get rid of vaginismus?

التشنج المهبلي (vaginismus)

Vaginismus is a pathological condition characterized by an involuntary contraction and contraction of the muscles around the vaginal opening, especially the pubococcygeus muscle (responsible for urination , sexual intercourse, and reaching orgasm or what is known as orgasm, contractions of labor ) when trying to penetrate the vagina or just Touch it in some cases. This problem usually begins in women when they first have sexual relations, or resort to using tampons, and may appear later in life after a period of normal sexual intercourse.

Types of vaginismus

There are several types of vaginismus that may occur in women of different ages, including:

Primary vaginismus

It often occurs when sexual intercourse is practiced for the first time and the condition prevents any penetration of the vagina or close to it, and the woman is also unable to undergo an internal gynecological examination or use tampons. Most of the time, vaginismus is associated with fear and anxiety about having sexual intercourse, however there is no known underlying cause for this.

Secondary vaginismus

It usually appears in married women who have had normal sexual intercourse with the ability to have vaginal penetration and then lost the ability to do so for various reasons that include performing surgeries in the genital area, having problems with the husband, or the occurrence of vaginal infection, exposure to trauma, or interruption. Menstruation and the entry of menopause, due to the decrease in the level of the hormone estrogen, and thus the loss of elasticity of the vaginal tissues with the lack of vaginal moisture, which makes the intercourse process painful and stressful for women.

Treating vaginismus:


In most cases, treatment for vaginismus includes a combination of options, which include all of the following:

  1. Cognitive and behavioral therapy, which includes increasing sexual education in both spouses, understanding how the vaginal muscles work, and training in relaxation techniques aimed at reducing vaginal muscle contraction and contractions and eliminating fear and anxiety.

  2. Performing kegel exercises; It is a group of exercises that help strengthen the pelvic muscles and enhance muscle control.

  3. Reducing sensitivity to insertion, and this includes the woman touching the vagina and approaching the vaginal opening as much as possible and gradually to get used to touching the area, after that the next step is to insert the conical plastic expanders and keep them for a period of 10-15 minutes gradually allowing the vaginal muscles to get used to the presence of pressure and facilitate the occurrence Penetration.

  4. Using lubricants and topical drugs that facilitate sexual intercourse.

Botox to treat vaginismus (needle vaginismus)

It is considered one of the modern treatments available and effective in treating vaginismus, and it is usually resorted to after the failure of previous treatments or alongside them. The substance used in botox injection is obtained from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which works by paralyzing muscle movement so as to prevent muscle contraction that prevents vaginal penetration and pain while trying to do so. P

Here are a collection of frequently asked questions about the use of botox to treat vaginismus

How are botox injections used in vaginismus treatment?

Botox is injected under local anesthesia, a medium dose is usually used. Botox is injected into the specific vaginal sides of the vagina that prevent penetration from occurring.

How often do you use botox injections to treat vaginismus?

Often one session of Botox injections is sufficient to treat vaginismus, and rarely a woman needs a second session of injections. Once sexual intercourse and penetration occurs and is able to happen regularly (during the first period in which the effect of Botox is still effective) the vaginal muscles expand and become less prone to contractions and spasms after that. Also, the occurrence of sexual intercourse and achieving penetration during sexual intercourse results in getting rid of the fear and anxiety that may be It is a major cause of vaginismus.


When will the results of botox injections appear?

This usually takes between 2-14 days after the injection. During this period, the woman is advised to avoid sexual intercourse (at least for a period of three days after the injection).

How long does the effect of botox injections last?

The effect of botox injections lasts for up to six months, after which it disappears completely from the body, most women do not realize or notice changes that indicate the disappearance of botox, vaginal contractions can improve during reaching orgasm when having sexual intercourse after the disappearance of botox, but the most important thing is the ability to Have sexual intercourse and get rid of vaginal cramps.

Dr. Qassem Shehab , consultant of advanced laparoscopic surgery, gynecology and obstetrics. Subspecialty specialization in the treatment of urinary incontinence and gynecological edema

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Needle vaginismus

It is a botox, but it is given with high accuracy by a specialist

Treating vaginismus

It is represented in more than one part, the most important thing is to put the correct diagnosis first

Vaginal dilators

It has a great role in treating vaginismus, but under the supervision of a doctor> dilators must be chosen very carefully

Vaginismus and pregnancy

It is difficult to conceive with the presence of vasospasm because intercourse is incomplete, but there are many cases of pregnancy and childbirth for women suffering from this disease

Treatment of vaginismus in Jordan

Dr. Qassem Shehab is one of the first doctors to perform this treatment, reaching more than 95%

Vaginal constriction

It is itself known as vaginismus reflex

Dr. Qassem Shehab , consultant of advanced laparoscopic surgery, gynecology and obstetrics. Subspecialty specialization in the treatment of urinary incontinence and gynecological edema

Abdali Hospital , Boulevard, 24th floor

Oman Jourdan

For reservations and inquiries


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